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Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH6922

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I am an experienced couples counselor who works with couples in a compassionate, supportive, non-judgmental style. Many have been helped to make profoundly positive changes in the way they communicate, value one another, and find meaningful new ways of relating. Often couples have two conflicting communication styles leading to misunderstandings, bruised emotions, and anger. One of the first things I can do is find a common language for both partners and in doing so, create the potential to maximize understanding, harmony, and problem solving strategies.

One particularly vexing problem is helping each person in the couples dyad to find ways to grow as an individual while at the same time providing the environment for the other partner to grow as well. I have seen many couples give up cherished activities for the sake of the relationship only to find they feel resentment toward their partner in the long run. It is critically important for a successful relationship to find ways of feeling good about oneself in what could be strictly solo activities.

Finally, fear generated thinking, emotions, and actions are by far the most damaging elements in a couple's relationship. By helping couples recognize long standing dysfunctional patterns, true healing can occur as fears become dislodged and are replaced by thoughts, feelings, and actions that flow from joy.

Couples Resources:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
Dr. John Gottman

The Effectiveness of Couples Counseling by Misty Will MSW





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