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Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH6922

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Family therapy can bring to light habits, practices, and patterns of interaction that keep families locked in dysfunctional ways of being. As a parent it is difficult to see ways of changing destructive family dynamics for the simple fact parents are too deeply embedded in the scenery to see much beyond. Family therapy helps members to find mutually beneficial ways to be with one another. Counseling can help all family members to be heard, validated, and understood.

My goal as a therapist to gently help families to challenge deeply embedded beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors while holding out the hope that positive results will accrue. The family narrative or story is an important place to start. It is often packed with drama, dysfunction, and pain. Reframing the narrative is essential to developing new perspectives and ways of being.

Finally, unresolved family of origin issues migrate from one generation to the next. Long standing dysfunctional family dynamics dramatically increase the probability that the internalized worldview will continue to damage relationships outside of the family and beyond. I have seen many people in counseling years after parents have died and found the ties just as strong. Dealing with family issues now increases the likelihood of children not repeating dysfunctional behavior with future loved ones, family, spouses, and children.


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