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Every amateur and professional alike has experienced the thrill of being so deeply immersed in an athletic event that time itself seems to stop. Play is effortless, strength seems limitless, timing is flawless, and the athlete may even barely have a sense of self - it is existing in the ZONE! Some see this as the ultimate goal of Sports Psychology yet it is only a small fraction of what it encompasses.

For example, injuries are a part of all sporting endeavors yet few are aware of the scope and risk factors for the injured athlete. Sports injuries can have consequences beside the injury and loss of playing time. The risk for depression and suicide rises significantly in the 15 to 24 age group as reported in the article/abstract Injured Athletes and the Risk of Suicide.

My knowledge of sports psychology had its genesis over 30 years ago when I played tennis in college and soon after played professionally. Having attained world rankings I constantly sought ways to play at the highest levels. I subsequently sustained a career ending injury yet my interest never waned regarding sports psychology. I have coached at all levels of play and attained a master's degree.

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